All About Makeup

Beauty can be found in every form of life , plasticity, race, ethnicities, color and age. Everyone has the potential to improve their wellbeing, treat their skin, eat healthy, exercise and exploring how they can look better and feel better, whatever effort it takes. Makeup is one of the older, simple and powerful tools to make everyone look their best. This is one of the reasons that I always mention it, I do not do make-overs !  Instead, I design a look for each individual considering all aspects of their life style, ethnicities  and the look desired to achieve in order to look their best and feel their best.

One of my considerations is that  women  love changes and they feel a need to up date themselves each season; Please, you do not stress. There are a lot out there to choose from, so, let's keep it simple and be happy.

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Things I Do Not Do

 " I do not do MAKE OVERS. "   Why ? " I don't want you feel MADE UP. "

Your facial features should not be over covered with lot of makeup which make you look older. Treating your skin is the key for your success, choosing the best for your skin type as well what is more affordable making  you comfortable and happy achieving the results that you are looking for. There are a lot out there to choose and  you will see after while not need for cover ups, foundations and concealers anything, you will just to explore your natural beauty. Using a natural look makeup you will have a great  and approachable professional looking.


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