Speeches, Seminaries, Makeup Classes

Are you interested in learning to enhance your knowledge about a career in the beauty industry? JR is a professional  Internationally well know in his field and he has a great enthusiasm to share his experience with others professionals in the field for those want to succeed  following the guidance of extraordinaire steps in his  beauty career.  JR offers speeches and seminaries for Beauty Schools  for professionals in process of graduation, the student will have a better panoramic view all aspects of the Professional Makeup Artist  and Beauty Industry Career.

JR’s Beauty  Seminar consist in two parts: 2 hours and 30 minutes each block 
  • Part I – Speech and Beauty Illustrations – reading and writing material   
  • Part II – JR’s live demonstration of Make up Techniques from Day Look to Evening Look.              
  • Also Receive a Certification of Participation from  JR Beauty.

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Makeup Classes for Small Companies and Corporations

JR can help your team look professional wearing an adequate makeup. Remember your image will reflect in your business, especially when they need to be in contact direct to the public, they are representing your company, selling your brand, your name. They better look their best , Looking good always it will bring better business.

In my long and experienced career and have done many different thing, but all related to beauty. In the past I had the opportunity to introduce my makeup classes to some companies in Brazil, for Airline Co. and TV Chanel - Manchete, it was a great and successful experience which I received numerous complements from the CEOs for the great contribution for the companies  helping improving people look and overall appearance.  
Now I want to introduce the same in the US. I am ready  offering to companies which need this kind of services, to put in practice and improving their personnel image. It will be remarkable to get in your company’s office and everyone look polished and professional, which will contribute for the company’s image and well being of your employees.

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