All About Post Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What it is Post Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Makeup?
During thirty years of my career I had in my chair many women that have face plastic surgery. Some were fantastically well done, others a medium improvement and a few others had a bad jobs done. I believe not only the doctor is responsible to do the total job, but  there are a lot of influential things that can contribute to a unsuccessful job, like bad healing, poor post surgery care, over sun exposure; these factors that can ruin all the professional plastic surgery job even when is well done. Your participation is very important for the successful  plastic surgery job you are looking for. Brazil which is the country that I came from is considered the capital of Plastic Cosmetic Surgery in the world. First, I worked with the most famous plastic surgeon in the world, Dr. Ivo Pitanguy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I was part of his team working on patients post cosmetic plastic surgery. I had the opportunity to develop a lot of techniques to help people not only after when their surgery was complete but people with dermatologic aliments problems, undesirable scars from accidents,  birthmarks and special problems with discoloration, pigmentation and vitiligo The makeup techniques I have developed over my 30 year career will be a  great helping tool for you.
After having a face lift, do I need to wear Makeup?
I don’t think that you cannot go out without  makeup, yes you can, but since the goal to achieve is a look like you have not a job done, it is exactly my point, the makeup will offer the finishing that everyone is looking for looking natural and give the idea that you are refreshed  well finished not  looking made up.Embrace yourself, you look beautiful as you are, sleep well, eat well, take care of your skin, exercise and wear just an adequate  makeup it will make you feel yourself and gorgeous every moment in your life.

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