All About Weddings

For the most important day in your life, you want to look as your best. So, your makeup will play a great part for the wedding, pictures, ceremony, reception, more pictures, dancing, hugs and kisses, more pictures.

This is the day that you want to look as your very best, besides all the stress and difficult moments during whole preparations for the Pomp’s and Circumstances, so you have to relax in order to be a gorgeous and unforgettable Bride.

Let JR. take care about your personnel beauty and details on your “  Big Day “

JR will take care not only about you but also for your family and bridesmaids everybody will look their best as if you were prepared for a set of  Robert Altman’s movie, you deserve that on your dream day an unforgettable wedding. Following  you will see examples of the process of your preparation for you bridal day, from the begin of studying your look to the final, or leaving from JR’s studio to the ceremony or from your hotel suite to the ceremony as your convenience.

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