MakeUp Application:

30 minutes: $90.00
with lashes: $110.00

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MakeUp Special Occasions:

45 min. to 1 hour: $120.00
with lashes: $150.00

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Makeup for Character Party, Halloween or Transforming:

2 hours: $200.00

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Bridal MakeUp:

Makeup /Test pictures: $160.00

(Personalyzed Makeup Design- take notes - application and test photos by JR.)

Engagement day / Rehearsal Dinner: $160.00
Wedding Day: $250.00

At Bride’s Location

Bride: $350.00
Mothers: $200.00
Bridesmaids / Others: $150.00

Travel Fees

Bay Area: $350.00
Carmel Area: $400.00

Bridal Makeup Parties

Bride + 5 to 8 people: $1,600.00
Bride + 2 to 4 people: $1,200.00

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MakeUp Classes:

Classes Individual

3 hours -1 day ( Skincare/ Day & Evening Make-up ): $300.00
6 hours - 2 days( Skincare / Day and Evening & Special Occasion Make-up): $600.00

Classes Group of 2

2 days classes: $400.00 ( per person )

Classes Group of 4

2 days classes: $300.00 ( per person)

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Post- Cosmetic - Plastic - Surgery Services:

Makeup Consultation:

Post-Cosmetic-Plastic-Surgery with application: $130.00
With lashes: $150.00

Makeup Classes-Post-Cosmetic-Plastic-Surgery:

3 to 4 hours $600.00

(It includes: studying appropriate Skincare, shaping eyebrows , lashes application, written face-charter and suggestion for hair cut and color)

Makeup Consultation for Patients:

Under going Chemotherapy or Dermatological Aliments Problems Viligio Pigmentation or
Discoloration Post accidents and Undesirable birthmarks with application:

with lashes: $150.00
or Classes 3 to 4 hours: $600.00

(It includes: studying appropriate Skincare, eyebrow shaping, lashes application and face charter)

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Others Services:

Lashes Application: $60.00

(It is not a lashes extension is just fake lashes in pieces, applied with hypo-allergenic glue last for few days, it is very convenient for traveling or important events in other cities or long term events. I call it "Emergency Lashes")

Eyebrow Shaping: $40.00

"I do not do Waxing. It is not good for your lids, it drips your eyes...I only use tweezers" - JR.

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Men Eye-Brow Shaping: $40.00
Men Eye-Brow Shaping and Coloring: $60.00
Men MakeUp Job for wedd or pictures: $100.00

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The services can be done as always as the costumers convenience and preference, in our studio location or at the costumers location as requested . The prices listed as at our location, out locations fee will be applied. Special needs: Each guest is unique let us know in advance to ensure reserving the most appropriate treatment place, day and time for your continence.

Cancellations & Late Arrivals:

Credit card guarantee is required; cancellations less than 24 hours will be half billed. Please plan to arrive on time to ensure the best services, the best results and satisfaction with our establishment. Fees: Prices are subject to change without notice.

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